Etna Wine School

Mount Etna’s vineyards are some of the most unique in all the world.

For such an old wine region, Mount Etna is young by modern standards. Bottled wines have only been produced here for a few short decades, yet the rapidly growing interest in the native varieties grown on the slopes of Europe’s largest and most-active volcano are taking the wine-world by storm.

There are very few “large” wineries on the mountain. Many of the wineries are small family-run businesses. Each one of them is driven by a passion for the and traditions that have been handed down for generations.

Etna Bianco / White wines from Etna are based on the Carricante grape (minimum 60%) with some Catarratto (no more than 40%). These wines feature ripe citrus fruits and minerality with a focused lean to lush mouthfeel with great potential for food pairing and cellaring.

Etna Bianco Superiore / White wines with a Superiore status from Etna are also based on the Carricante grape (minimum 80%), with Catarratto or Minnella (no more than 20%), but the grapes have to come exclusively from the Milo contrade. The Superiore wines present the best qualities of the Carricante grape: mature, lush citrus with a focused palate and lingering finish. As with the Etna Biano wines, there is great potential for food pairing and cellaring.

Etna Rosso or Rosato / Red wines and Rosé wines from Etna are based on the Nerello Mascalese grape (minimum 80%), and other non-aromatic grape varieties (no more than 20%), with the Nerello Cappuccio/Mantellato as the most important blender. The red wines of Mount Etna are often compared to some of the great wines of the world. The fresh fruit aromas and flavors – strawberry, cherry, black fruits – strike an intriguing chord between the fresh acidity and ripe fine-grain tannins. These wines can pair easily with a spectrum of foods and often show best after several years of aging.

By blending the warm climate of Sicily, the cool high-altitude vineyards of Mount Etna, and attention to detail in every aspect of their production, the producers of Mount Etna are making outstanding wines from these classic Sicilian grape varieties.




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