Mount Etna rises 3.400 meters above the Ionian Sea.


Born two hundred thousand years ago, the volcano Etna is a rare jewel in contemporary gastronomy. It has been in continuous production of wines and fruits and oils since antiquity. The high quality of wine and food from the territory – Europe’s largest and most active volcano – have only contributed to the wonder of its fertility and power.

While Mount Etna’s position on the eastern third of Sicily influences the macro- and mezo-climates around the mountain, wine production is strongly characterized by the altitude and exposure of her vineyards, and the wealth of minerals in every square meter of DOC soil.

Mount Etna DOC – Denominazione di Origine Controllata – was the first Designation of Origin to obtain recognition for its wines, in Sicily, in 1968. The specification remains intact, protecting the autochthonous grape varieties traditionally cultivated on the volcano.