A Commercial, Wine Hashtags, and A Volcano … Oh My!

http://youtu.be/q1DhJzq6VPY By Benjamin Spencer Every brand rises and falls on its own merits. You cannot market your way to success or leverage every social interaction in a way that makes you an overnight sensation. You must have boots-on-the-ground strategies that work. Over the last two years, since we arrived in Sicily and launched the Etna … Continue reading A Commercial, Wine Hashtags, and A Volcano … Oh My!

A Tribute: Women of Etna

By Nadine Guarrera When we learned that this year’s International Women’s Day theme was “Make It Happen,” I knew we had to shine a light on the women in wine here on Etna. International Women’s Day occurs on March 8 of every year and celebrates women in general in addition to the economic, political and social achievements … Continue reading A Tribute: Women of Etna

Anguria / Watermelon season

These gorgeous melons are popping up everywhere — in granite, bevande, per dolce dopo pranzo. At about 0.40€/kilo you can't get a better summer delight. 'Anguria' is a Greek and Byzantine word for this fruit, though 'cocomero' can also be used.

Fresh ricotta made daily …

Making ricotta takes time. For six generations, the Sgroi family has been producing traditional artisanal cheeses on the slopes of Mount Etna. We love what they do, and we encourage you to visit their store — via Mazzini, 74-76 in Santa Venerina. +39-095-950-222