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Introduction to
the Wines of Mount Etna

The only online program dedicated to the volcanic wines that have everyone talking about Sicily

Etna Wine School | Online Courses

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Etna Wine School | Online Courses

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Everything about Etna has a story that informs present strategies and practices

Etna Wine School | Online Courses

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Etna Wine School | Online Courses

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Etna Wine School | Online Courses

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Etna Wine School | Online Courses

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What our Students say!

My Etna Wine School experience was all about discovery. Ben shares his passion and makes you feel right at home, without pretenses or snobbery.
Jen Filice
I trust no one more than Benjamin Spencer of Etna Wine School to provide a comprehensive education about Etna and Sicily’s viniculture. His expert knowledge is unmatched.
Allison Scola
Experience Sicily, Agency
A real highlight of my trip to Sicily. Not only are the wines and education first-rate, Benjamin is a pleasure to be with. I recommend him highly.
Bill Vernon