The Etna Wine School™ offers unique and flexible educational experiences for wine lovers, gastronomic adventurers, journalists, and those in the wine trade. All of our wine experiences are presented in English.  Translators can be provided. All experiences are private unless otherwise communicated. Contact us for information.


Our non-certificate courses are designed to educate and entertain your palate. We’ve done the research. Now, let’s show you what we’ve found! Or you can Contact Us with an idea.


Do you love sparkling wines or natural wines? Or maybe you like sweet wines or wines grown on volcanic craters? We have one course designed specifically for those interested in vintage variations and other experiences dedicated exclusively to grape varieties or old vines. Whatever your passion, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is ask.


We’ve done our research, partly because it’s our job, but mostly because we love this place. Our Food + Wine experience combines traditional Catanese cuisine and wine from Mount Etna for an in-depth exploration of Eastern Sicily. Each class is presented with our partners, on location in their kitchens and laboratories. Courses include tastings or how-to experiences with a lunch and something to drink. Contact us to request this experience.


Our Half-Day Courses and Full-Day Courses include expert-led visits to vineyards, wineries, and other unique settings on Mount Etna. For those interested in experiences longer than our Two-Day Course, we are able to create multi-day programs on request. You can Contact Us here.


In addition to our short courses, the Etna Masterclass offers a private tasting of wines in the comfort of your hotel, villa, agriturismo, or yacht.

If you would like to request this private course as an amenity for your for your event or destination management service, please Contact Us here. 


We offer educational programs and additional consulting services for destination management companies and those in the wine trade seeking professional solutions in the Catania area and Mount Etna.

Please contact us to learn more about these services or for more information about organizing special events, activities, wine tours or other flexible programs.


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