The Etna Wine School offers a variety of non-certificate wine courses and winery tours designed to educate and entertain. While scheduled classes will have designated locations, we have mobilized our educational services for private clients. For information, you can contact us here.


An Introduction To Wine – Wine is more than what you see in the supermarkets and specialty shops. Wine is unique in that it straddles agriculture and gastronomy, science and culture. This course is designed for beginners, to better understand the complexities of what wine is and to learn to have fun with it. €65, 2 hours, English

The Wines of Mount Etna – Wines have been produced on the slopes of Europe’s largest and most active volcano for thousands of years. The native Sicilian grape varieties and unique methods of production only add to Mount Etna’s charm. Focusing on geology, climate, as well as past and present viticultural and vinification techniques, we will discover what makes Mount Etna one of the most intriguing wine producing regions in the world. Includes a tasting of four wines. €90, 3 Hours, English

Sicily: A Story Through Wine – Sicily is known for its historical influences, reflected in its sun-kissed foods, and inimitable wines. Focusing on Sicily’s unique gastronomic heritage, instructors from the Etna Wine School offer a narrative tour of the Mediterranean island’s native grape varieties during an in-class tasting of five unique Sicilian wines. €90, 3 hours, English

Exploring The Language of Wine – Every profession has a vocabulary with which it operates. By examining  the words and phrases used to describe wine’s myriad aspects, we may better understand and articulate the qualities that give us pleasure. Includes a tasting of four wines. €90, 3 Hours, English

Wine and Food Pairing – In many cultures, wine and food are rarely served apart from one another. For some, the complex potentialities have raised the pairing of food and wine to the level of an art form. By examining the qualities of certain wines and foods, we may better understand why specific pairings are considered classic and what we might learn from exploring our own palates. Includes a tasting of four wines and food. €125, 3 Hours, English

Professional Wine Tasting Technique – Watching a wine professional at work can be awe-inspiring. Their ability to articulate aromas and flavors from the liquid in a glass is a talent to be sure, but it takes practice. By learning to implement the techniques of experts we can perfect the craft of “tasting” for professional purposes. This course is designed for those who are interested in or are already pursuing a career in wine. Includes a tasting of six wines. €90, 2 Hours, English

How To Write Great Wine Tasting Notes – The ability to convey our sensory experiences in writing is a very personal and subjective experience. Whether you are a journalist or blogger, a wine buyer or restaurateur, it is imperative to maintain a record of experiences with the wines you encounter. This course focuses on using empirical techniques to derive information from our personal experiences with wine. Includes a tasting of four wines. €90, 3 Hours, English

For information, you can contact us here.

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