This course is specially designed for students of wine, winemakers, journalists, bloggers, and other members of the wine trade who are interested in a concentrated study of this unique wine region.

Plunge into the history, traditions, and contemporary trends of Mount Etna’s finest wine producers. Each full-day course is specially designed to focus on the traditional vineyard training methods, enological practices, and styles of wine found in various contrade – neighborhoods – around the mountain.
Etna Wine School – Two-day Wine School

Learning directly from Etna winemakers, winery educators and grape growers, students exposed to the nuances of the high-altitude, volcanic wines that they encounter in the global marketplace.

The vineyards of Mount Etna have been sculpted by more than 250,000 years of continuous eruptions, earthquakes, and stratification of volcanic sands and igneous rock.

In this course, we focus on the influences of altitude, aspect, soil, and the intention of each producer. By examining these variables and tasting the wines made by different producers, we gain a deeper appreciation for Mount Etna’s terroir-driven wines.

We invite you to join us!

These courses must be booked in advance. Private groups available for up to eight (8) people. Larger group tours available. We are able to amend the specifics of a tour with proper notice.