We all love free stuff. And what’s better than free knowledge?

Over the last few years, everything I’ve been working on and learning has gone into The New Wines of Mount Etna. Now that the book is published (and, I might say, receiving rave reviews), I’m donating a bit more time to the bits and pieces that were edited out of the book.

Happily, I’m able to include some of those for you, here, on the website.

Most recently, I designed these simple flash cards (come on, everyone remembers flash cards!) to help wine students, sommeliers, buyers, retailers, and journalists remember how Etna wines are made, and the blends that define the Etna DOC.

There is a lot more stuff to come. So, bookmark the website and subscribe to receive more free stuff directly to your email inbox.

Until next time, stay well and be safe … Cheers !

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