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In this modulated certificate course we explore the vineyards, wineries, and culture of wine on Mount Etna, in Sicily, Italy.

This course includes:

  • The basics of Etna wine culture
  • A history of winemaking on Mount Etna
  • An examination of Etna Viticulture
  • Contemporary winemaking strategies
  • The categories and styles of Etna wines
  • Wine storage and service
  • How to get the most out of your Etna wine


This course is designed to build on your knowledge of Italian and Sicilian wines, give you confidence when communicating about the viniculture of Mount Etna, and develop a lifelong appreciation for volcanic wines from Eastern Sicily.

Students should anticipate studying for about 40 hours prior to sitting for one (1) exam.


Basic requirements for —

  • computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • internet access
  • a good understanding of English

Your primary textbook is The New Wines of Mount Etna – An Insider’s Guide to the History and Rebirth of a Wine Region. A digital copy of the book (for E-readers) can be downloaded in THE CAMPUS STORE, while a traditional paperback and digital copy of the book can be purchased using an affiliate link to Amazon.

Assignments can be found in the Materials section of each lesson.

Registered Etna Ambassador candidates will receive a student workbook to support your studies.


At the end of this course, candidates for the Etna Ambassador certificate will be invited to take an exam to confirm their knowledge and fluency of Mount Etna wines. Students will be presented with a number of questions and a set time frame in which to answer them.


Candidates that pass the final exam will receive the Etna Ambassador Certificate, the penultimate level of study for Etna Wine School students.

Etna Ambassadors are an international group of wine enthusiasts and wine trade professionals who are interested in learning more about the most dynamic wine region in Europe.


Certified Etna Ambassadors will be invited to take part in our Etna Scholar Program after passing the Ambassador training.

The Etna Scholar track creates a unique opportunity for Etna Ambassadors to publish a single research paper on one Etna topic.

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