During the holidays we come together to show gratitude for the things that matter most in Life.
It isn’t always possible to be together with so many of us spread out around the globe but I find solace that we have discovered ways to share the special times in our lives through our common appreciation of Wine.
In many ways, Wine is the echo that connects us. Regardless of the myriad languages that we speak or the ideologies we follow, Wine is fundamentally tied to the very best of Humanity.
While some may try to divide us with war and boundaries and politics, Wine has the power to unite us.
This holiday season, we will be celebrating your dedication to unification, Dear Friends.
May we all find opportunities to echo our joy of Wine for all Humanity.
Tanti auguri da noi, from our family to yours … Salute!
Benjamin Spencer AIWS/DWS
Director, Etna Wine School

This video was filmed and directed by Take1
Special thanks to Videezy.com for additional content

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