By Benjamin Spencer
It’s not easy making a mark in the culinary scene of Italy. You need to know your stuff.
Over the last two years we have worked very hard to set up our company and communicate this simple fact: WE KNOW ETNA WINE.
In that time, we’ve met #winelovers and journalists from around the world who come to Mount Etna to learn more about the wines. What we do a little differently than other wine education “services” on Mount Etna is create a tangible understanding of the Mount Etna landscape by bringing our guests into it.
When Swide Magazine recently listed us on their Top 10 List of Best Food & Wine Experiences in Italy, I have to admit, I smiled and let out a short “WooHOO!” In her opening to the article, Jackie DeGiorgio nails it on the head:

The words “Italian” and “food” combined make a harmonious marriage, as it is nearly impossible to associate one without the other. Travelers certainly visit Italy to eat and drink and many will jump at the chance to engage in an activity that further immerses their senses in Italian food and wine culture. People travel to Italy for the food alone, but sometimes its worth rolling up your sleeves and engage in hands-on activity to further appreciate whats behind the country’s celebrated cuisine.

We really couldn’t have expressed it better. Now, back to our unscheduled and humbling “WooHOO!”

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