PLEASE WRITE a review to show support for Etna families

Any writer will tell you. When your book gets published, you go out in the world to promote and share it with people. Unfortunately, this is not that time.

To those who have bought, read, and are now reviewing The New Wines of Mount Etna on Amazon, THANK YOU. Because of your support, The New Wines of Mount Etna has risen into a BEST-SELLER category on Amazon.


If you are reading the The New Wines of Mount Etna or have it on order, please visit Amazon and write a review. If we can get the book into ever higher positions we can re-direct that attention to the Etna community.

A review doesn’t mitigate the current crisis, it certainly helps me and everyone involved in the creation of the book. More importantly it brings exposure to the Etna families and companies who are working to bring you some of the finest wines in the world.

It is true that Etna has seen enormous growth and investment over the last years, but most of the work is done by small farms with enormous costs and small margins. While we are being forced to stop, and supply chains come to a halt, Mother Nature and Mamma Etna never rest. Everyone on the volcano has struggled to find a balance in this moment.


In the back of The New Wines of Mount Etna, there are short stories about and direct contacts to more than 100 Etna wineries. Their contact information and social media connections are all available. Why not spend this time connecting with and supporting them?


Better yet, seek out Etna wines. Look for online wine retailers who are offering discounts and specials right now. Some local stores are ordering and delivering wines on request. Some restaurants are also offering food and wine delivery. Let’s try to support our communities where we can.

Please remember to leave a review of The New Wines of Mount Etna on Amazon, it helps local wine producers by increasing the visibility of Etna wines and the people who sell them.

Here are some helpful links

Leave a review of #NWOME on Amazon — Click Here

Find Etna wines online — Click Here

Restaurants delivering food — Click Here (for the US) and Click Here (Europe)

Do you have a link to a valuable service? Please share it in the comments below. I’ll update this as needed and possibly spin it out into a list if we get enough responses.

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